Brasii in Latin means malt. Our home country’s name, Brazil, comes from the pau­brasil, wood that reveals in its hearthwood an intense ember colour. Malt and ember are the outset in the first steps taken by the man (and not by nature) to produce this millennial beverage called beer. It all started in the kitchen: mixtures happened, spices forged cuisines and the nature offered mankind the possibility to keep the traditions and that is how a raw product becomes refined and appreciated. The mixture of different malts, the distinct flavours that come from the hops and other additions together with mother Nature, always present in the yeasts, never cease the combinations. Beers and dishes, in all regions, have established in history according the local culture, following the variability of production, process and consumption. There is no shortage period, tragedy or war capable of destroying that. These elements remain and reveal the strongest culture resilience of each region: