The Project

It is known that when people, all around the world, talk about food and beverage pairing, beer does not (yet) come first in mind in relation to wine. The reasons for this habit are many, but it is true that when beer, as well as wine, is brought to the table seeking the Perfect Match it depends not only on the elements used on the dish, but also on the selection of ingredients, the techniques applied, seasonings, marinades, and believe it, even on the sequence in with the dish presents its items to be eaten. Just think about a slice of bread between two hamburgers! The complexity in these dishes are not a problem, but instead a big invitation to the creation of beers that are perfect to match with each one of them. Rather than choosing a beverage for the dish, create a specific beer for that meal.

Our project consists in the inversion of the traditional path, seeking to value and affirm beer as part of a great meal.